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Zero Wire provides  Spy Gadget in pune and spy cameras and anti spy gadgets in Pune, Khed, Baramati, Junnar, Indapur, Paud, Sasvad, Ambegaon, Bhor, Welhe, Mulshi, Ghod, Wadgaon, Narayangaon. Zero Wire is a leading solution provider for Spy Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Spy Gadgets, Spy Pen, Belt Camera, Watch Camera, Cap Camera, Goggle Camera, Mini Camera, Spy Recording Equipments, Spy Voice Monitoring, Spy Listner, Remotely Listen using GSM SIM Card, Anti Spy Gadgets, Camera Finder, Lens Finder in Pune, Khed, Baramati, Junnar, Indapur, Paud, Sasvad, Ambegaon, Bhor, Welhe, Mulshi, Ghod, Wadgaon, Narayangaon. High quality spy cameras, hidden cameras and anti spy gadgets are now available in Pune, Khed, Baramati, Junnar, Indapur, Paud, Sasvad, Ambegaon, Bhor, Welhe, Mulshi, Ghod, Wadgaon, Narayangaon through us.

Spy Gadget in pune

Spy Gadget in Pune, Khed, Baramati, Junnar, Indapur, Paud, Sasvad, Ambegaon, Bhor, Welhe, Mulshi, Ghod, Wadgaon, Narayangaon:

 Introduction :


What is Spy Camera?
A Spy Cam is a type of micro DVR which is built into a deceptive package and made to resemble a small object, such as a keychain, a wrist watch, or a lipstick case. Known by numerous terms such as cam stick, gum cam, thumb cam, etc., these devices will often function according to their apparent purpose, as in a pen cam that actually writes.

Starting in 2008, spy cams became increasingly popular due to their falling prices. This was a consequence of advances in flash memory technology, which made available cheap, surface-mount chips of over a gigabyte capacity, which meant that the cams could typically record over an hour of video onto built-in memory before needing to offload their recorded content.

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 Applications :

Different types of spy cameras:
- Pin hole cameras
- Belt cameras
- Wrist watch cameras
- Table clock cameras
- Pen cameras
- Cap cameras
- Goggle cameras

- Book cameras

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 Photo Gallery (Click to enlarge) :
*Actual specifications, dimensions and accessories mentioned above (and shown in pictures) may vary depending upon the availability of the model at the time of purchase.
 Product Range and Prices :
Price List for Spy Cameras
Price List for Spy Accessories
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