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Zero Wire provides  Vehicle Tracker in pune and GPS Vehicle Tracking Security Systems (VTS) and Fleet Management and Child Tracking in Pune, Khed, Baramati, Junnar, Indapur, Paud, Sasvad, Ambegaon, Bhor, Welhe, Mulshi, Ghod, Wadgaon, Narayangaon. We provide quality equipments for GPS Security System, vehicle tracking system (VTS), vehicle protection, fleet management system, asset tracking, mobile asset management in India, real time tracking, automobile tracking device. Our systems are one of the best for fleet management, personal tracking, GPS mapping, child tracking.

Vehicle Tracker in pune

Vehicle Tracker in Pune, Khed, Baramati, Junnar, Indapur, Paud, Sasvad, Ambegaon, Bhor, Welhe, Mulshi, Ghod, Wadgaon, Narayangaon:

 Introduction :



Of all the applications of GPS, vehicle tracking and navigational systems have brought this technology to the day-to-day life of the common man. Today GPS fitted cars; ambulances, fleets and police vehicles are common sights on the roads of developed countries. Known by many names such as Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS), Vehicle Tracking and Information System (VTIS), Mobile Asset Management System (MAMS), these systems offer an effective tool for improving the operational efficiency and utilization of vehicles.

What is Vehicle Tracking?
Vehicle Security is a primary concern for all vehicle owners. Owners as well as researchers are always on the look out for new and improved security systems for their vehicles. One has to be thankful for the technologies, like GPS systems, which enables the owner to closely monitor and track his vehicle in real-time and also check the history of vehicle's movements. 
This technology, popularly called Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) has done wonders in maintaining the security of the vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is one of the biggest technological advancements to track the activities of the vehicle. The security system uses Global Positioning System (GPS), to find the location of the monitored or tracked vehicle and then uses satellite or radio systems to send the coordinates and the location data to the monitoring center. At monitoring center various software are used to plot the Vehicle on a map. In this way the Vehicle owners are able to track their vehicle on a real-time basis. Due to real-time tracking facility, vehicle tracking systems are becoming increasingly popular among owners of vehicles.

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 Applications :

Typical Installations for :
- Tracking Cars
- Tracking Trucks / Cargos
- Tracking Child
- Tracking Sales Field Employees
- Tracking Patients
- Tracking Assets

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 Photo Gallery (Click to enlarge) :
*Actual specifications, dimensions and accessories mentioned above (and shown in pictures) may vary depending upon the availability of the model at the time of purchase.
 Product Range and Prices :
Price List for GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices / Personal Tracking Devices
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