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 Price list for Interactive White Board Systems / Smart Board Systems:
Sr. No. Item Description Image Unit Price (Rs.)

Model : EyeRIS Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive Area: Upto 100"
Portability: Yes
Auto-Calibration: Yes
Interactive Technology: 3D Touch Technology
Surface-independence: Yes
Writing Speed: Up to 195 million dots/sec
External light source disturbance: Almost Zero
Dry-erase Whiteboard function: Yes
Aspect-ratio independent: Yes
Touch points: 255
Whiteboard Software: IntelliSpace (simple & intuitive)
Writing Performance: Excellent
Relevant Resources: Relevant as per School syllabus
Cloud content: Yes

Cybernetyx Smart boards in Pune are the most interactive whiteboard systems made in Germany. Electronic digital smart boards for classrooms in Pune convert traditional classrooms into smart classrooms. German technology for smart learning rooms is now available in Pune, Mumbai India CONTACT

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