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Prices for the products & solutions that we provide are as follows:

 Price list for Biometric attendance devices :

Wide range of Biometric attendance machines

Price List for Attendance Machines
Price List for Fingerprint Readers / Scanners / Hamsters / Sensors
Price List for RFID Cards & Accessories

 Price list for door access controller devices :

Wide range of door access controllers and magnetic locks

Price List for Stand Alone Door Access Controllers
Price List for Magnetic Locks & Accessories
Price List for Biometric Latches
Price List for RFID Cards & Accessories

Price list for CCTV, DVR and related products:

Wide range of CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Price List for CCTV Cameras
Price List for DVRs
Price List for CCTV Stands, Brackets & Accessories
Price List for Infra Red (IR) LED Panels / Illuminators
Price List for CCTV Sockets / Connectors / Convertors (BNC - RCA etc.)
Price List for CCTV Cables / Power Supplies / Video Splitters, Switchers, Boosters, Mic Kits
 Price list for spy cameras / hidden cameras / spy accessories :
Price List for Spy Cameras
Price List for Spy Accessories


 Price list for home / office security devices, sensors and alarms :

Wide range of home & office security machines / GSM alarms / burglar alarms

Price List for GSM Alarms (PIR / Vibration / Smoke / Motion Sensors & Sirens)


Price list for GPS Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and related products:

Price List for Vehicle Trackers / Personal Trackers
Price list for portable power banks / battery banks / portable power supply chargers:
Price List for Portable Power Supply / Battery Banks / Rechargable Mobile, iPhone, iPad, MP3 Chargers
Price list for telephone call recorders / voice loggers / call monitors :
Price List for Call Recorders / Voice Loggers

Our other products and services :
CCTV Cameras Security System  |  Remote Monitoring CCTV Systems  |  Remote Monitoring Cameras System  |  Time And Attendance Software
Video Surveillance Systems India  |  Video Surveillance CCTV Systems  |  Fingerprint Time Attendance Systems  |  Fingerprint Scanners / Readers
Fingerprint Hamsters / Sensors with SDK  |  CCTV Video Surveillance Systems India  |   Video Surveillance Systems Pune
Remote Monitoring Cameras System Pune  |  CCTV Dealers Pune  |  Access Control Pune  |  Time Attendance Pune  |  Security Systems Pune
Time And Attendance Software  |  Camera Surveillance System Pune  |  CCTV Surveillance Systems Pune
Security Alarm Systems Pune  |  GSM Alarm Systems Pune  |  Motion Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Smoke Sensors & Sirens Pune 
Burglar Alarm Systems Pune  |  Anti-Theft Security for Jewellery Shops in Pune  |  Siren Systems for Factories in Pune
Telephone Call Recorders in Pune  |  Voice Loggers in India  |  Call Monitoring Solutions for Call Centres India  |  Spy Phone Recorders in Maharashtra